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Bacon Software Customer Relationship

Management System (CRM)


Bacon Software CRM.  Contact Management linked directly to your Bacon Software Database.  Easy to use, intuitive and smart.  Easily import your existing contact information from Sales Force, Act, Outlook, Excel or what ever you are using. Keep track of Contacts, Appointments, Tasks, Opportunities, Leads, Accounts, etc. Easy Drag and Drop interface. Priority setting. Advanced filtering and search capabilities Allows multiple users who access their own private contact and account lists. See everything on 1 screen, adjust the windows for what ever layout your prefer. Easy to learn. Easy to use.

Key Features

Complete contact information: Name, address, phones, notes, pictures etc. Appointment reminders via Pop-Up or Email. Security Access control by users. Set Views based on user defined types, ire.: Customer, Prospect, Hobbyist, etc. User defined search and filtering options. Marketing Campaign building and tracking. Key Opportunity analysis. Links directly with the customer database from Bacon Software Job Trac System. Ability to print and export all information. Contacts and Accounts can be linked to Appointments, Tasks etc. Ability to prioritize tasks and flag current completion percentages and when done. Easy to view all tasks and appointments for a contact and make changes as needed. More...
Plant Managers are making better, more timely decisions using Bacon Software products to access and update manufacturing information.
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