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Bacon Software Employee Management

System (EMS)


Bacon Software EMS.  The Bacon Software Employee Management System provides a table driven automated method to maintain all records related to employees and job positions in your company.   Maintain Employee Information--Hire Date, review dates, etc. Record and Track Employee Performance Reviews. Maintain Company Job List with links to attachments for employee work instructions. Maintain Employee training records/check list indicating the training each employee has received, is in the process of receiving, or brings to the job from prior employers. This includes the ability to set expiration dates on training for certification renewals, external training etc. that can be used as triggers for email alerts, etc. Features to allow Managers to view information on the employees in their departments. Ability to view a employee and all job descriptions the employee is trained for. Ability to view a job description and all employees trained for that job. "Grey Area" feature that indicates which employees are nearly qualified for a position. This can be used in emergency situations where the normal employee is not available. Email Notification of upcoming events and reminders. More...

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