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ISO Management System (TCS)


Bacon Software’s ISO Management System (TCS) provides a multi-faceted information system for your company.  The ISO Management System keeps track of all the detailed documents, schedules, and records required to run a comprehensive Quality System.

Key Features

ISO Standard Documentation Control. Preventative Maintenance / Calibrations. Scheduled Audits and Reminders. Maintains Training Records. Records Qualified Vendor Information. More...

Documentation Control

3-Level categorical indexing of all documentation. Revision status control and time/date stamped revision details. ISO friendly reports for all documentation status and activity.

Preventive Maintenance / Calibrations.

Input for Maintenance and calibration scheduled operations and instructions. User specific responsibilities and schedules available over network. Multi-level search capabilities. Operation “grouping” for speedy data entry on identical items. Individual Security levels.

Schedule Audits and Reminders.

Automated scheduling of all audits, meetings, reminders, etc. Automated attachment of audits to specified procedures, etc. Responsibilities and schedules available for both Auditor and Auditee. 3-level advanced notice system for personal notification preferences.

Store Training records.

Dynamic Employee & Work Instruction (revision driven) training status and details. Detailed and secure Employee Training records and reports. Location, supervision, education and management notation available. Non-qualified Employee tracking and reports.

Qualified Vendor Information

3-Level categorical indexing of all Vendors including “Intended use”. Qualified Vendor status, scheduled Site Audits, re-assessments, records, and reports.


CAR, SCAR, NCMR, SUSTENANCE, etc. Indexing, scheduling, status and details of any type of critical records. and more...
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