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Bacon Software API. Application Programmers Interface to the Bacon Software database. Provides the tools you need to interface your applications with the tried and proven Bacon Software database. Robust tool for insert/delete/update transactions in a easy to use format. Bacon Software Employee Management System. A complete system for managing employees, job listings, work instructions and performance reviews that links directly to Bacon Software operators and users. Maintain employee hire dates, review dates etc. Employee Performance Review input and tracking. Company Job List with links to work instructions. Maintain Employee Training records. Management Interface. View Job Descriptions by employee and employee by Job Description.

Bacon Software Mobile


Bacon D12 Mobile Apps are available now!  For your mobile devices. Access information any where in the world using your mobile device: Locate a job in the shop. Display job information, dates, quantities, location. Track a job from one gate to another. And more...

New Connectivity

Features released in D12

Bacon Software “Ups the Bar” one more time with the latest connectivity features to make your Job Trac System do more than tracking. 64-bit connections are now supported to UPS World Ship software and FedX Ship Manager software.  UPS and FedX screens are pre-loaded with information from your jobs when they ship.  Shipper tracking numbers are automatically loaded back JTS and embedded in Email messages to be sent to your customers. Quickbooks integration gets even better  with the latest integration libraries for seamless connections to/from your Quickbooks system. Now supporting Quickbooks “On-Line” version. Attachments everywhere.  In D12 you can attach files of any type to Quotes, Jobs, Customers, Invoices, MRB Transactions, Purchase Orders, RMA’s, Vendors etc.  D12 takes it one step further by allowing you to define specific “Root” locations for each of these with file paths automatically generated based on the type of attachment, for example folders named based on Job Number, Vendor ID, Customer ID etc.

Bacon Software D12

Bacon Software announces it’s D12 product line.  D12 includes new releases of our core products: Job Quote System, Job Trac System and Job Accounting System. Also included are new Mobile Apps for Apple and Android devices that allow both information query and mobile Job Tracking.  Text Messaging! D12 also does text messaging.  Jobs text you at key events i.e. “Job 1234-001 just completed Drilling” And...our new Employee Management Systems. Running on the powerfull Advantage Database from SAP.  The D12 versions open up the range of possibilities by allowing mobile devices direct access to information in the database. D12 also provides on-line database management features designed to reduce scheduled downtime and allow management functions to be performed at any time of day with users actively working on the database. D12 includes “Design Your Own” Quote Manager and Job Manager entry screens, including the ability to add your own lookup tables and database fields. D12 includes many new features that will revolutionize how you run your shop: Complete login attempt recording by IP Address, Computer, User. Encryption of data on your network. Enhanced Materials and Assembly Kitting features. Advanced Multi-Plant features. Access shop information from your mobile device. Update all Bacon Software modules from a single software update program. Utilizes advanced features of the Advantage Database. Configure your Advantage Database remotely using a web based configuration utility. Client less database platform allows any device the ability to connect and access shop information. On-going enhancements to all Bacon Software modules. Bacon Software Employee Management System to organize your employee performance appraisals, Training work instructions, job listings and employee information.

Job Tracking using your

mobile device!

Bacon Software Mobile app for iPhone allows you to do job tracking on your mobile device.  Just select the Job Tracking option from the mobile menu.  In-app bar code scanning you can scan the bar code on your shop traveler to move the job.

D12 Circles the Globe

Bacon Software customers from around the world are upgrading to D12.  And why not? With great new features and mobile technology the benefits are huge both in ease of use and informational power.  D12 contains lots of great tools to help manage your shop.  One such tool is the D12 Dashboard which provides users with a real time view of critical areas in the shop.  The idea behind this is that you will have a large flat screen television monitor displayed in a prominent place in your plant, or multiple locations. The system will display plant over- view information that updates real time. It shows graphs of plant output, critical job locations, gate performance etc., etc. Think of large monitors displayed in airports or hotel lobbies. It can be used for several great reasons. When you bring prospective customers in to your plant they can see this plant dashboard and get a quick overview of your operation. This can greatly assist you in getting new customers. (You could set a special configuration for the day they come to visit so only appropriate information would display). Workers in the plant will see real time information on what they are doing. Plant supervisors can quickly know what is going on.
Plant Managers are making better, more timely decisions using Bacon Software products to access and update manufacturing information.
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