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PCB Broker System


Bacon Software’s PCB Broker System automates the PCB Broker process.  Easily create Quotes, Vendor Purchase Orders, Packing Slips and more.

Key Features

Pricing may be calculated from user input parameters or based on percent markup from Vendor Costs. Unlimited number of vendor costs and deliveries may be entered. Multiple Quote formats to choose from. Quotes may be emailed to your customers. Purchase Orders and Packing Slips may be emailed to your vendors. Vendor process can be tracked in as much detail as desired. Packing Slips and Invoices may be emailed to your customers. Automatically integrates with major accounting software including Quickbooks and Peachtree.

Quoting Features

Users may setup pricing structures for all types of boards manufactured, i.e. Double Sided, Multilayer, Flex etc. etc. Pricing can be set differently for prototype and production boards.  Base pricing definition may be set by panel cost, cost per square inch, fixed price, minimum price or manual quote.  Multi-layer board prices are automatically derived by the system based on user input factors. Price adjustments for lead times may be defined by the user for any multiple of Hours, Days or Weeks. Users may define price adders to accommodate all items added to boards, such as gold fingers, SMOBC, etc.  Adders increment the board base price based on a user selected calculation method. Tooling charges may be defined for each board type and size of board to create tooling charge defaults. Users may see on-line board base price, price of adders and tooling, and extended board price. Board configuration can be changed with price changes shown immediately. Prices can be overridden by the user. When you like the quote, a hard copy can be emailed to the customer. The system will generate a quote work sheet that can be used by management to determine the appropriate panel size, lead time and pricing for the customer. Once your customer places a order you can Email and/or print a complete sales order document. When the quote becomes an order, just indicate so in JQS and a job number will be assigned and the job is placed in the Job Trac System ready for tracking. Several reports are available to help in maintaining your quotes and provide valuable management information of the status of quotes in the system. Multiple quantities can be entered and the system will calculate quantity break pricing for multiple panel sizes and lead times. Users can then select which quantity/lead times to print on the quote. Prices can be manually adjusted by the user. Default and customer specific text messages can be defined and will print on the quote. Email Quotes directly to your customers, print, fax or save as pdf files for later use. Links directly to KwickFit Panelization Software. You can get a trial version of KwickFit at www.micromeg.com.

Manufacturing Features

Jobs can be created with multiple releases, due dates, delivery schedules and PO numbers. Repeat jobs can be created with just a few keystrokes. Track by number of layers, material type, construction, or virtually any attribute. See complete history of all movements of each release of a job. Check and reserve stock when jobs are created. Examine shop capacity and plan manufacturing accordingly.

PO/Invoicing Features

Once jobs are shipped from the Job Trac System they become available for invoicing and can be accessed directly by JIS. Users may edit invoices on-line in a “What you see is what you get” format. Complete editing includes the ability to change tax status on individual line items, modification of all standard invoice fields such as qty, description, unit price, shipping method, payment method etc. Users may define invoice default lines that can be “pasted” into any invoice. Default lines can include both text and priced items. Create a single invoice for multiple jobs that you have built for a customer. Select invoices to be batch printed at a later time. Receive Payments, Create Credit Memos Complete AR functions. In a single transaction you can, ship a job, update the stock room, move boards to stock, reject boards, designate boards to ‘Overs’, create an Invoice, Packing Slip and Shipping Labels. RMA -- Issue, Receive and Disposition defective material. The system generates e-mail messages automatically to notify your customers of the RMA status. The system automatically builds Rework, Remake and Use-As-Is releases for the RMA parts. Several reports are available to help in maintaining your invoices and provide valuable management information of the status of Invoices in the system. Reports include Statements, Sales Commissions, Payment Receipts, Current Balance, Sales Summary, Aging, Invoice Detail and more. Complete sales commission calculations. Multiple Invoice Formats Available--choose from many available formats or have us custom design one to fit your existing pre-printed forms. Purchasing Functions--Create Purchase Orders, Receive Materials, updates material inventories in JTS. Links to Popular Accounting Package--Including QuickBooks, Peachtree, SBT, Mass-90, DataPro, Ascii export, and others! Load invoices and payment receipts directly to your favorite accounting software.


Quote forms, Sales Orders, Shop Travelers, Invoices, Packing Slips, Credit Memos, Shipping

Labels, Purchase Orders, Purchase Requisitions, RMA documents, multiple reports and more.

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