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Bacon Software D11

Bacon Software products provide the key components for all types of manufacturing; Contact Management, Quoting, Order Entry, Engineering, Traveler Generation, Tracking, Material Requirements Planning (MRP), Job Scheduling, Quality, Shipping, Accounting and more.  Our products also link to/from many popular Accounting packages and support the latest ISO requirements.  Bacon Software products interface directly with the Internet to provide real time Order Status for your customers and permit Internet based Job Quoting, Order Entry, and Order Status.

“JTS helps my company locate

bottlenecks in our process. That

means we ship more product on time.”

Our software services a variety of markets including printed circuit board fabrication and assembly and other contract manufacturing based businesses. We target our software solutions to specific markets and then work closely in each market to tailor our software to produce specific solutions that work the way you do. Because of this ground floor approach our software excels in providing an easy to use tool for you to obtain the information you need to run your business.

“A single system to control all aspects

of manufacturing.  Enter information

only once at the start of the process”

Enter and import your information once at the start of the process and it flows through your process.  From quoting to billing--enter information once and save time.  This insures accurate information to manage your business.  No duplicate data entry, no disjointed systems trying to merge together. 


D11 running a Full Speed

D11 is out and installed at over 25 sites!  Contact Bacon Software for information on new features available in this newest release of our signature product line.

New Products!


Customer Relationship Management


Employee Management System

Bacon Software has released 2 great new products.  Our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module will help you manage your sales leads, contacts, advertising campaigns, accounts and more.  Once that is under control our new Employee Management System will help you make sure your staff is ready for all your new business.

Performance Bar Code Scanning now

available in D10/D11 Android App.

If you are using the Job Tracking option in our D11Android App, you can now scan the bar codes on your shop travelers and operator id’s directly from the Tracking function simply by tapping in the Job Number entry field...

D10/D11 Mobile App released for


After months of development our Android App is here.  Now you can find out what is happening in the shop from anywhere in the world that your mobile device works.  Not only that, you can move jobs on the shop floor.  Think of maybe replacing all your shop floor computers with Android tablets and track the easy way. ...
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Plant Managers are making better, more timely decisions using Bacon Software products to access and update manufacturing information.
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