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Bacon Software D12

Bacon Software products provide the key components for all types of manufacturing; Contact Management, Quoting, Order Entry, Engineering, Traveler Generation, Tracking, Material Requirements Planning (MRP), Job Scheduling, Quality, Shipping, Accounting and more.  Our products also link to/from many popular Accounting packages and support the latest ISO requirements.  Bacon Software products interface directly with the Internet to provide real time Order Status for your customers and permit Internet based Job Quoting, Order Entry, and Order Status.

“JTS helps my company locate

bottlenecks in our process. That

means we ship more product on time.”

Our software services a variety of markets including printed circuit board fabrication and assembly and other contract manufacturing based businesses. We target our software solutions to specific markets and then work closely in each market to tailor our software to produce specific solutions that work the way you do. Because of this ground floor approach our software excels in providing an easy to use tool for you to obtain the information you need to run your business.

“A single system to control all aspects

of manufacturing.  Enter information

only once at the start of the process”

Enter and import your information once at the start of the process and it flows through your process.  From quoting to billing--save time.  This insures accurate information to manage your business.  No duplicate data entry, no disjointed systems trying to merge together. 


D12--excelling in a

changing industry!

D12 brings new features and usability to our tried and proven generation of PCB Manufacturing software.

Our Core Products

Job Trac System (JTS)

Job Quote System (JQS)

Job Accounting System (JAS)

Bacon Software “Core” products provide the base structure for information integration at your plant.  The Job Trac System (JTS) adds user friendly shop floor control to your business.  JTS is designed as a multi-user job tracking system for collecting and maintaining information in a job oriented printed circuit board manufacturing environment. The Job Quote System (JQS) has been developed specifically for printed circuit board manufacturers.  JQS “Speaks your Language” and lets you use your computer quickly calculate quotes. The Job Accounting System (JAS) is completely integrated with JTS to provide a easy to use tool for creating Invoices, Packing Slips, Purchase Orders, Receive Customer Payments and more.

Mobile Apps

Now you can find out what is happening in the shop from anywhere in the world.  Not only that, you can move jobs on the shop floor. 
Plant Managers are making better, more timely decisions using Bacon Software products to access and update manufacturing information.
Software Solutions for Manufacturing With Bacon Software even the sky is not the limit Get Info Now Get Info Now Read More Read More Read More Read More Order Manager show all info related to orders in the system
Bacon Software Plant Managers shows prioritized scheduling information for jobs in the shop

Meet our Managers

D12’s Powerful Managers

make work easier for “Your”


Quote Manager: Quote Manager displays an overview of quotes and is used to create and maintain quotes in the system and more. Job Manager: Job Manager displays an overview of jobs in system and is used to create and maintain job information and more. Order Manager: Order Manager displays all quotes and jobs in the system and provides fast access to Quotes,Jobs,Packing Slips, Invoices, RMA's,Customers and more. Plant Manager: Plant Manager allows you to schedule jobs in the shop and set both overall priorities and "In Department" priorities. See when jobs will finish manufacturing and when each manufacturing step will be completed. ISO Manager: ISO Manager allows you to Create, Review and Schedule Machine Maintenance, Documentation Reviews, Employee Training. RMA Manager: RMA Manager allows you to issue RMA’s, receive returns, process credits, initiate rework/remakes and more